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    Tmm Co. capabilities and abilities:

    1-assembling, preparing and supplying brand new CNC machine tools

    This company produced first Tornado brand CNC lathe machine under license from Colchester 600 group of the UK. We could get all approval according with BS 4656, DTN8606, ISO1709 standard. for nearly 16 years this company has supplied high-quality CNC Machine Tools to customers from recognized brand like as : Churchill- CE Johansson- HMT- Bridgeport- Colchester- Ray feng- Goodway Manford- Kafo- TMT.

    2-reconditioning, Retrofitting and installation of second hand machine tools

    The establishment of offices in Europe help to create the possibility of a world wide relationship be leading manufacturers and provide the most recent technology in order to offer the best possible service industry. We supply second hand machine for those who need 21 century technology at the most competitive and affordable prices .Every machine offered has been carefully restored by Tarash Rayaneh Toos’s highly trained and secured engineers. And offer to the customer with ballbar test report that show them machine accuracy .

    3- after sale services and technical supports of machine tools

    This company rely on factory-trained technicians offer after – sale services to all industrial machine . our team has been trained in famous company like as ، HMT، Bridgeport، Colchester Considering in previous years we imported 350 VMC and HMC from bridgport and 400 cnc lathes from colchester as CKD and assemble and install them and offer aftersale services for them .

    4- prepring spar parts for machine tools.

    One of critical issue in Iran industries is supporting and providing spare parts for industrial machinery . our team relied on two oversea office can provide original parts for customers .

    5- training course

    TMM Co. held all courses that related to the maintenance and programming for CNC machine .

    6- annual maintenance contract

    According to customer need and condition of production line we offer :

    EM –PM- PdM

    7- Performance test

    With RENISHAW BALLBAR test we determine machine accuracy and also their problem according international standard like as ISO_ANSE/ASME.

    8- provide technical document

    This company has Complete archive of technical documentation about electronic, pneumatic , hydraulic, for all machine tools .

    9- Consultant

    Our team offer advice customers to purchase special machine tools and also solve problem that happen in production line for each machine .