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    Tarash Rayaneh Toos manufacturing company is located in mashhad, IRAN.This company was established in order to produce and develop CNC machine tools,and provide services & support, in 1999.The establishment of company was important, because it’s main aim is sustaining and striving for superior advanced technology in the manufacturing process, reduction of production costs,and complete customer satisfaction.

    So Tarash Rayaneh Toos  determined, started its activities in the field of assembling,providing, maintaining and supporting CNC machine tools with the most developed and up to date European technology .

    The establishment of offices in Europe helps to create the possibility of world wide relationship be leading manufacturers and provide the most recent technology in order to offer the best possible service industry.

    Tarash Rayaneh Toos manufacturing company first began exclusively assembling ,providing CNC  vertical machining centers on the lisence of Bridgeport limited of England .

    The company Are sole Representatives in theIslamic Republic of Iranfor the Assembly, Sales and After- Sales Supportfor all products manufactured bythe following 600 Group plc companies in UK.

    In addition to this they also represent two other highly regarded companies around the world: HMT of India and CE johansson of Sweden

    There for Tarash Rayaneh Toos company is able to create the best conditions for local industrial manufacturer success.

    The main activities of Tarash Rayaneh Toos:

    assembling, preparing and supplying brand new CNC machine tools

    reconditioning, Retrofitting and installation of second hand machine tools

    After sale services and technical supports of machine tools

    Supplying spare parts for different kinds of CNC and manual machine tools.

    Helding training course

    Maintenance contract

    Performance machine test

    Technical supporting